PUBG Mobile Season 13: Mad Miramar event - New map update, Rewards, Skins, Guns, Emotes, new currency, AG, update 0.18.0, patch notes & more

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While PUBG Mobile players anxiously await Season 13, there's some new content coming to tide them over.

The most recent of that new content is a full update of the map Miramar, and plenty of new goodies in the Mad Miramar event.


Let's go over all the changes players can enjoy while waiting on PUBG Mobile Season 13.

Mad Miramar shakes things up

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FACELIFT - Mad Miramar brings some awesome new inclusions to Miramar


Miramar is a fan-favorite map, and now it's getting even better thanks to the upcoming Mad Miramar event.

With the event, players will receive a golden Mirado vehicle skin, WIN94 with an attached 2.7x scope, new cheers emote, and plenty more.

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You can usually only get this amount of content from the Royale Pass.


Timeline on event, Season 13 date

Mad Miramar begins 7 May, which means you'll have to play on the current Miramar map until then.

Once the event comes, though, the map will be updated forever.

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This event comes in handy as a nice distraction ahead of Season 13, which has an expected release date of 13 May.

There are also other map updates for PUBG Mobile that will be released around Season 13. Stay tuned for all the details on these new maps and their content.

Update 0.18.0 patch notes

The patch notes for update 1.18.0 are here and they are extensive!


There are a lot of gameplay improvements, bug fixes, and even a new currency.

AG currency

You can earn AG much like other currencies, by completing achievements, and taking on missions daily, weekly, and monthly.

Missions that earn AG are going to be a little tougher than normal, so be prepared to get to work if you want to earn a lot of it.


An AG translates to roughly .14 UC (which means 7 AG is about 1 UC).

That means the basic Royale Pass costs roughly 4,200 AG (600 UC), and the Elite Royale Pass costs roughly 12,600 AG (1800 UC).

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