PUBG Mobile Season 13: Best guns to win games

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PUBG Mobile is gearing up for Season 13, which means plenty of new content across maps, cosmetics, and more.

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To get ready for the new season and earning your awesome Royale Pack rewards, let's go over the best guns in PUBG Mobile today.

Gun categories

PUBG Mobile Season 13 guns
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FIREPOWER: Which weapon do you think leads the pack?


PUBG Mobile has several different categories of guns. This includes pistols, shotguns, sub-machine guns, assault rifles, light-machine guns, marksman rifles, and bolt-action rifles.

These guns are strong at different periods in the game, but this list is about which guns can bring home the victory. That means some will never have a chance at the list.

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So for pistols which are only useful early game and shotguns which struggle outside of the early to mid game, there's no chance at making the cut.

Let's get down to the best guns to win games in PUBG Mobile ahead of Season 13.


PUBG Mobile Season 13 AWM
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SHARPSHOOTER: Take aim with the AWM and no one can stand in your way


The AWM is the gold standard for long range engagement in PUBG Mobile. With the highest single shot damage in the game, and longest effective radius, nothing touches the AWM.

Much like other bolt-action rifles the AWM has a roughly 2 second reset time between shots. It leads the way in every other category though, making it a fantastic pickup in PUBG Mobile.

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The downsides to the AWM are its rarity, only coming from chests with equally hard to find ammo. But if you managed to land one, play it even decently well and victory is yours.


PUBG Mobile Season 13 best guns GROZA
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SPEEDSTER: The GROZA fires fast and has plenty of stopping power


For all short range engagements, the GROZA simply has too much firepower and fire rate to be denied. While it of course falters in longer range trades, players who can secure adequate shelter can guarantee favorable engagements in close quarters.

Unlike other guns like it, the GROZA is very dependant on its short-ranged engagements. As in you're unlikely to kill with it in other fights.

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Still, as the standard for close range dominance, the GROZA is a powerful weapon.

The GROZA suffers the same crate limitation as the AWM, but its ammo is less of a problem.


pubg mobile Season 13 m24 weapons tier list
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FROM DOWNTOWN: If no AWM is handy, take the M24 for a sniping spin


The M24 is no AWM, but that doesn't stop it from being one of the best guns in the game. The M24 steps up as the second best bolt-action rifle in the game with some surprising stats behind it. So surprising it takes its spot on the list before the best guns from other gun types.

The M24 has only received nerfs since 2018, and it remains one of the most deadly rifles around. it's an ace for long range combat and has an automatic reload for consistent cover fire.


PUBG Mobile Season 13 M416 glacier
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JACK OF ALL TRADES: The M416 can be used however you want


Many would feel the AUG deserves this spot on the list, after all, its a crate drop. But while the M416 has much higher recoil to deal with, its versatility is unmatched.

You can turn the M416 into just about any kind of weapon in the game with some attachments and settings. You can choose to make it a single shot pseudo-marksman rifle, a burst-heavy smg clone, or simply keep it a bullet slinging mid-range machine as an assault rifle.

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Add all of this to the fact you can find an M416 almost every game, and it's one of the best guns you can grab in PUBG Mobile.


PUBG Mobile season 13 best guns dp 28
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TRAINING WHEELS: The DP-28 is great for beginners with very little recoil


The DP-28 is a bit of a puzzle in combat. With a huge clip and little recoil, you can use the DP-28 as an effective zoning tool for longer ranged fights. With its high damage output, it can also be deadly in close quarters.

The DP-28 is certainly something to get used to with such a long reload time and situational uses. But once you have this light machine gun down, you have all the potential to win outnumbered fights at any distance. Some of the lowest recoil in the game definitely helps things along.

Much like the other crate weapons, the biggest problem is finding the DP-28 in the first place.