PUBG Mobile Season 12 Update: Death Replays to be added, New weapons and more tactical markers

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PUBG is one of the most successful Battle Royale games ever, and it was one of the first that made the most of having a mobile version of the game.

A lot of its success can be attributed to the constant stream of updates the developers have provided.

The latest update (update 0.17.0) will be notable for lots of things, but it brings in Season 12 with a host of new weapons, items and gameplay developments.


You can check out our Season 12 guide for all the specifics that will come to mark the two year anniversary of the mobile version.

The previous release dates for the PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 update were expected on 12th February, but now we expect it on 3rd March 2020.

So what are the highlights in this latest update?

Long-awaited Death Replays

Most multiplayer shooting games have had death replays for a long time, particularly on PC and consoles. They show you how you died, which helps you learn how to play better in future games.

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It also helps to spot cheating and any issues with security which is an added bonus.

A couple of weapons edits

  • The SMG Uzi has always been a popular weapon, particularly in close combat. Now it can also be equipped with a red-dot or holographic sight, which means it can be shot with better accuracy.
  • There is a new double-barrel shotgun called DBS. It maximizes the damage when involved in close combat but clearly needs to be used over short ranges. It will be accessible through airdrops and special crates with a variety of scopes.
PUBG Mobile Season 12
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ANNIVERSARY: PUBG Mobile is celebrating its 2nd birthday


Introducing Extreme Cold Mode

We wrote about extreme cold being part of this update in a previous piece. And here it is. Its a new mode where it's not only other players that can kill you. Players need to hunt for food by killing animals and potentially light fires to fight the cold.

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The same as the closing circle, there will be a cold wave that will drain health until the player takes shelter. This will be the highest test of your ability to survive in the harshest of environments.

More tactical markers

To date, there is only functionality to highlight one place at a time on the map. This helps guide you to a particular area or point of interest. In the new update, this increases to eight different types of markers. So you will be able to differentiate between places of interest, enemies, animals, shelters, etc.

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Updates to Erangel map

Erangel is one of PUBGs oldest maps, and this isn't a huge change but there are some updates. There will be changes to where vehicles and weapons are left with some updates to the environments.