PUBG Mobile: PUBG Mobile India receives $100M backing

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Following the banning of PUBG Mobile in India in early September, PUBG Corporation has announced PUBG Mobile India.

The original was banned in the country following a series of anti-China legislations.

The company publishing PUBG and PUBG Mobile is Tencent, which is based in China.

Let's take a look at the latest news following this announcement.

PUBG Mobile India

The latest announcement for India provides us with PUBG Mobile India.

PUBG Mobile Spike Trap
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SPIKE TRAP: The game will likely contain similar items to the global version

The game is being distanced from Tencent, and is instead being published by PUBG Corp themselves.

As such, the latest title can be published in the country without worry.

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Not only this, the latest comes with 100 million dollars of financial backing from PUBG Corp themselves.

Huge Investment

This significant financial backing comes following the announcement earlier today.

It is to help the business achieve a number of goals, all of which are beneficial for video games in the country.

pubg mobile season 14 theme
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COSMETICS: Expect very different cosmetics in PUBG Mobile India

Firstly, PUBG Corp has confirmed that the data and security of Indian players are of utmost importance.

Secondly, PUBG Corp has promised to invest in local video game, esports, entertainment and IT industries.

Finally, the company has promised to undertake regular audits to ensure the game remains secure.

Pubg Mobile India Features

PUBG Corp have tailored the game to the region.

This will include in-game content, as well as the way the game itself appears on-screen.

Free Play Days PUBG
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MOBILE INDIA: The announcement comes following the game's ban in India

One such example is that the game is now set in a virtual simulation training ground, as opposed to potential 'real-world' locations.

Another is that hit marks will now appear on-screen as green to further reflect the virtual nature of the game.

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Most importantly, the game will have a feature that encourages healthy gaming habits for young players.

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