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09 Oct 2020

PUBG Mobile: Payload 2.0 brings amazing new gameplay to battle royale

PUBG Mobile is consistantly evolving, and that continues with a new addition today.

Payload is back! But new and improved.

Payload 2.0

As an enhanced version of the amazing gameplay we all know and love, Payload 2.0 will bring in huge new pieces of combat gameplay.

Powerful vehicles with massive firepower are coming in. Armoured rides like the UAZ, Dacia, and off-road buggies and pick-ups have been given protective layering. Players can also take to the skies in an armed helicopter!

Payload 2 0 Rock and Load 1

ROCK AND LOAD: Strap in for a wild ride

Laser-guided missiles and four-barreled rocket launchers have been added to Super Weapons Crates for players to fight back against the vehicles.

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There's also some special tactical gear like a 30-second UAV Control Terminal that comes with eight missiles.

What else is new?

A new lootable suit is coming. This can be equipped for a huge reduction to all explosive damage.

Secret Room will randomly refresh during the battle and contains super weapons. The Base will activate after the start of each match where players can get heavy weaponry and powerful equipments.

Payload 2 0 Details Banner 1

QUICK UPDATE: It's all you need!

Players can also revive fallen teammates through Advanced Communication Towers to stay in the battle!

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