*UPDATED* PUBG Mobile Season 14 Patch Notes 0.19.0: Update live, New Map, Bug Fixes, Season 14 Start Date, Teasers & More

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A new update for PUBG Mobile will arrive before Season 14 kicks off in early July!

Season 13 shook the community up when it arrived thanks to a plethora of new skins, emotes and other gun cosmetics.


However, the next update is expected to be packed with new features and a whole new map to get to grips with!

Table of Contents

Latest news - Update now live

Drop into Livik and go exploring.

Update 0.19.0 has arrived on both Android and iOS devices!

Update 0.19.0

According to PUBG's official twitter, Update 0.19.0 is primed to arrive on 7 July!

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IN WRITING: There's no speculation surrounding this one - we've been promised as new map and so much more!

Coming with it will be a vast array of content for you to explore including the new map Livik!

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You can also bank on new cosmetics for players and their weapons as part of the royale pass rewards.

0.19.0 Patch Notes

The patch notes have been released!

As you might expect, they are pretty lengthy.


Let's go through the key things players need to know.

New Livik map

The new map will be available when the update arrives. This 2km x 2km map will have just 52 players, for a 15-minute game.

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With map exclusives like the P90 and Mk 12, and a monster truck it is sure to be a popular destination.

Spark the Flame

The themed mode will be available on Erangel and Miramar maps in Classic Mode.


Small statues will drop supply events, and giant statues have multiple construction stages that change as the themed event progresses.

The Ancient Secret

When activated it will be on Erangel and Miramar, you can choose to particiapte via settings.

A two-story Ancient Temple will start to float in the air after a period and move slowly with the playzone.

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ANCIENT LOOK: Don't just explore secrets, live them!

There will be an interactive puzzle, as well as a boss fight for those that make it to a sealed room in the temple. With great rewards this will be something you want to try!



As you'd expect with any update, fixes to bugs and issues will be coming.

Improved rendering, battery usage, and fixing screen lockup issues are the main points here.

Cheer Park

New Cheer Park and Quick Draw features.

A launcher and hot air balloon added, and a barrier zone next to Shooting Range.

New Achievements

Panology Professor: Kill 3/10/20/50 enemies with a Pan on the Library map in Arena.


Legend of the Fjord: Win 3/10/20/50 times in Livik.

Clan Elite: Complete the weekly personal Engery objective in a Clan fo 1/5/10/30 week(s).

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