PUBG Mobile Announces New Livik Map with EVANGELION & Butterfinger Events in 2.0 Update

With its 2.0 update being released today on Android and IOS, PUBG Mobile players can expect the battle royale to be packed with changes. The new update provides an overhauled map, new legendary rewards and content related to the legendary anime, EVANGELION.

The update also introduces new anti-cheat methods and provides some general fixes. Here's everything you need to know about 2.0.

*LATEST* PUBG Mobile Runs Butterfinger Promotion For U.S. Players

To celebrate the new 2.0 update of PUBG Mobile, the popular Battle Royale has teamed up with the peanut-butter chocolate bar Butterfinger to bring exclusive themed items to the game.

A promotional image for PUBG Mobiles Butterfinger crossover event.
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The three items in question are a Butterfinger parachute, buggy and costume set, all of which are decorated in the brand's yellow and blue colours.

The promotion runs until August 31st 2022 and will require players to purchase a pack of qualifying Butterfinger chocolate bars and upload their receipt to their promotional website in order to be sent the items with three qualifying purchases required to get everything. This period will also see a themed log-in challenge to get more exclusive rewards.

PUBG Mobile's Livik gets revamped.

Starting on May 11th, PUBG Mobile is giving Livik a drastic overhaul. This redesign primarily focuses on the urban areas of Livik which have been redesigned to better reflect the available combat options in the game.

Promotional image for the PUBG Mobile map Livik
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Livik's urban landscapes will also see a golden, resource-rich area randomly spawn at the beginning of each match. This golden area will provide a great number of supplies for players to grab. They will also spawn a series of mini-games like Blomster's Soccer Challenge and items like random crates that need treasure maps to track down.

The overhauled map also includes zip lines and the new four-seater Utility Task Vehicle for faster travel between areas, recall towers to revive dead teammates and a volcano hazard which will erupt randomly.

Royale Pass Month - Hidden Hunters

With every new season, there is a new Royale Pass Month and PUBG Mobile's cycle 2 season 6 sees a new batch of legendary rewards for the taking.

A screenshot of the PUBG Mobile Map Livik
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The Hidden Hunters Season of PUBG mobile will see players collect themed glasses, parachutes, masks and more as they progress their way through the tiers of the Royale Pass. Pass missions are also trackable through the mini-map in matches to help players work through them. After working their way up to rank 50, players can pick between one of two rewards.

PUBG Mobile Teams Up With Evangelion

PUBG Mobile also announced a partnership with the acclaimed anime EVANGELION, with plans on bringing the series' fearsome angels to the battle royale's various maps in a yet unannounced event for the future.

New Anti-Cheat Methods and other changes in PUBG Mobile

Cheaters beware as PUBG Mobile is strengthening its security.

A PUBG Mobile character looking concerned over their shoulder
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Update 2.0 brings with it a new dedication to crack down on cheaters as PUBG Mobile introduces two both the intuitive Eagle and Fog of War anti-cheat systems to try and stamp out cheaters for good.

Other minor updates coming with 2.0 include new shop items, a series of wingman finishes available in the "Lucky Spin" mode between May 17th and May 24th as well as some standard visual improvements across the board.

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