PUBG Mobile Lite Version 0.20.0 sees Winter Festivities return

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Winter is coming - for PUBG Mobile Lite!

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Get ready for temperatures to drop in the handheld battle royale smash this holiday season.

Baby, it's cold outside


Stay frosty, frightful and delightful as winter’s cold embrace overtakes PUBG Mobile Lite.

Players can celebrate the winter season with joyful snow-themed activities, arctic additions, snowboarding and more as part of the Version 0.20.0 content update.

Release Date

The Winter Update is available to play immediately on Android so get playing!


The 0.20.0 PUBG Mobile Lite content update delivers several wonderfully wintry additions, all available for free.

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SNOW FIGHT - Can you get that chicken dinner in these conditions?

To kick off the season, players can deploy cover with throwable frozen eggs and duke it out for cold chicken dinners on a snow-covered version of Varenga.


Version 0.20.0 also introduces exhilarating snowboarding gameplay, allowing players to traverse in style on Spawn Island.

Today’s update also includes a cool (literally) addition to Varenga, with the introduction of a new area called “Winter Castle.”

Other improvements

The following elements have also been included to PUBG Mobile Lite Update 0.20.0:

  • Universal Mark Feature – Players can now communicate and reveal enemy positions via marks with the introduction of a radial menu
  • Daily Mission Improvement – The number of Daily Missions is increased to three, and missions refresh after they are completed
  • Updated Security –Enhancements has been implemented to improve security and combat cheaters
  • System Updates – Several features have been added, including a new winter-themed lobby, graffiti customization and custom pack features

PUBG Mobile Lite is now available to download and play on the Google Play Store in several regions of South Asia, Africa and East Europe.

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LITEWEIGHT- This version allows uo to 60 players per game

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