PUBG Mobile India: Release Date finalised after delay!

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The latest installment in the PUBG franchise finally has a release date.

Following the delay after the initial 14th November release date, PUBG Mobiel content creator Kronten Gaming has said the game will release by 20 November.

This is obviously not an official release date, however, the timeframe he lays out is believeable.

Let's take a look at the latest PUBG Mobile India release date news now!

PUBG Mobile India Release Date

The game, which was announced earlier this month, has been a hot topic.

PUBG Mobile Metro Royale Game Mode
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COMING SOON: We should get a look at PUBG Mobile India soon

Following the announcement, the PUBG Mobile scene in India has held it's breath, waiting for the game's release.


Now, it seems we may have a date, thanks to PUBG content creator Kronten Gaming.


Based on a loose time frame of the game's trailer releasing tomorrow, the game could be here by 20 November.

This gives the trailer a few days to hype up the game before it's eventual release.

pubg mobile
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PUBG MOBILE: It remains to be seen what features will be the same

However, this date is not an official release date, so the game may be out at a later time.

PUBG Mobile India

The game itself is catered to the Indian market, with a number of elements of gameplay changed.

Hardcore Mode
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A SIMULATION: PUBG Mobile India is set in a Military Simulation

This new version of the game comes following a number of anti-China legislations from India.


Following PUBG Mobile's ban in India in early September, PUBG Corp have been working on a new version.

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We are sure fans of the franchise in India will be pleased to have a version of the game that they can play once again.