PUBG Mobile: How to change your name ahead of Season 12 - update 1.17.0 now live

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PUBG Mobile Season 12 is just around the corner!

Season 11 is now at an end, but fear not as Season 12 is on its way.


Looking back at previous launch dates, we anticipate that Season 12 should launch around 9 March.

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Now one thing that can be a bugbear for players is having an outdated name on your account.

Whether you've grown out of your current title or just fancy a change don't worry, as there is the ability to reset your name before the new season drops.

How to get your hands on ID Change card

The name changing process is relatively straightforward - however, it's not as simple as just renaming your player.

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Those avid PUGBers amongst you will know that changing your name requires an ID Change card. There are two ways to get your hands on one of these:

PUBG Mobile change appearance 2019 840x420 1

REBRAND - Wil you make the name change?

You can unlock them via the progress missions.

If past PUGB Seasons are anything to go by, we'd imagine there will be two or three available to unlock in Season 12.

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Alternatively, you can purchase them via the store. This will set you back 180 UC.

How to use your ID Change card

You can use as many ID Change card's as you want - however you can only use them once a day.


Once you have a card in your inventory, using it is incredibly simple.

PUBG Change Name

REFRESH - You can change your name once a day

You simply access the crate icon via the inventory screen on the home page, tap on your rename card and select use.

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Then pick your new name, hit OK and you're good to go!

Latest news

Other than the latest news of Season 12, there is very little else to report on.


PUBG Mobile made it into some of our best games of the decade pieces, making it one of the more successful Battle Royale games to emerge from the market in recent years.

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That’s all we have, for now, so stay tuned for our updates.