PUBG Mobile Cold Front Survival: Release date, features, rewards & more

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PUBG Mobile has teased something called Cold Front Survival, and just announced its official release date.

So what is Cold Front Survival?

Let's go over what we know so far about PUBG Mobile's newest content.

What is Cold Front Survival?

pubg mobile cold front survival teaser tencent games
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That chicken dinner comes in handy out in the snow

The PUBG Mobile team has teased something called Cold Front Survival with a variety of pictures on social media. They have not gone into detail about what the new content is, but we can take some educated guesses.

From the imagery, Cold Front Survival looks like a new game mode, possibly an event game mode. The latest teaser has the words "Stick together and survive" which may mean this is a team-based survival mode more than a battle royale. It could also mean Cold Front Survival involves Player vs Environment (PVE) gameplay.

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We expect this content to help transition players from pushing Season 12 to preparing for Season 13.

With the amount of cosmetic focus in PUBG Mobile, we can't help but assume there's some skins, gun skins, and other goodies involved. From pictures, the mode will also feature its own map, or at least its own skin of a map.

Release Date

pubg mobile cold front survival teaser
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A new game mode could mean carrying your teammates to survival

Cold Front Survival will be live on PUBG Mobile April 16th.

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This is roughly a month out from the expected release date for Season 13, which is yet to be formally announced.


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We don't expect as much content as the Royale Pass, but something is coming

While PUBG Mobile likes to keep the best new cosmetic content for Royale Passes, Cold Front Survival is likely to come with some extras.

But the images released as teasers so far have only shown characters in their normal gear. This has created some comedic shots of characters in shorts surviving what looks to be a blizzard. But it raises an important question. Wouldn't the PUBG Mobile team use this opportunity to tease new skins if they were coming?


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If Cold Front Survival does indeed come with no new character skins, we can at least hope for some new emotes and gun skins.