PUBG: Free Amazon Prime Gaming Rewards

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January 2022 saw the PUBG game go free to play which drew in massive numbers of players.

Since then, Amazon Prime Gaming have collaborated to bring free content to all players.

Every month there is new loot for players to access and all they need is an active Amazon Prime account.

So, let's take a look at Amazon Prime Gaming and PUBG and see how to get this free content.

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Amazon Prime Gaming and PUBG

Amazon Prime Gaming has been working with PUBG since the start of 2022.

Each month, a new bundle of content is given to players who own an active Amazon prime account.

The items are usually just cosmetic items or currency but can be used to flex on the enemy pretty hard.

The rewards are announced a short time before their release, so this article will be updated as soon as they're announced.

August Prime Gaming content

The free Amazon Prime Gaming content for August 2022 includes...

  • Silver G Coin Box
  • 10 Contraband Coupons
  • 30 Polymers
  • 2 Survivor Pass Level Up Coupons
  • 15,000 BP
PUBG and Amazon Prime Gaming for August 2022
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Polymers can be used to upgrade new weapon skins and provide players with a more customised cosmetic experience.

The Silver G Coin Box is also specifically useful to purchase skin sets or event passes.

When can I get these rewards?


These PUBG rewards can be accessed on the first of the month and will leave at the end of the month.

Of course, this happens each month with the rewards varying slightly too.

However, one thing that is constant is the free content that PUBG players will receive each month from Amazon Prime Gaming.

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