PUBG Mobile Season 12: Release date, Royale Pass start date, update 1.17.0, death replay, Weapons, Vehicles, Cosmetics & everything else you need to know!

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A new season of PUBG Mobile is here!

Along with the 1.17.0 update, Season 12 kicks off today with a brand new Royale Pass and plenty of fresh content.

We have everything you need to know about the latest update and season in PUBG Mobile.

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Release date

Season 11 ended last week, and Season 12 is now here.

The Royale Pass went live early today.

More features are expected to arrive on 12 March as part of the second anniversary celebrations.

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Considering how a season usually lasts around two months, you have until May to enjoy Season 12.


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There are also various updates that could be a part of the patch, such as colourblind mode, extreme cold mode, and death camera.

Pass rewards

A couple of items have already been leaked.

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After unlocking the pass, players have immediately received a skin for the QBZ assault rifle.

The final tier reward is a Robotic outfit skin, and as the theme of both items will be the “anniversary special”, neon lights will be covering the number “12”.

New weapon skins

It's currently too soon to speculate what will be coming with the new update, but if Season 11 is anything to go by then we will have plenty of skills to earn and collect.

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The M416 and M762 each received a skin, while the S1897 and Kar98k got exclusive Season 11 skins.

Cyberpunk was last season's theme, and according to a blogpost leak, we could be waking the dragon this time around.


Latest news

Other than the latest news of Season 12, there is very little else to report on.

PUBG Mobile made it into some of our best games of the decade pieces, making it one of the more successful Battle Royale games to emerge from the market in recent years.


That's all we have for now, so stay tuned for our updates.