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14 Jun 2020

Will Star Wars: Squadrons be on PS5? Predictions, Backwards Compatibility, Trailer Reveal, and more

Will Star Wars: Squadrons be on PS5? Predictions, Backwards
Compatibility, Trailer Reveal, and more

The reveal trailer in locked in, but the question is - will the title land on Sony's Next-Gen console?

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Star Wars: Squadrons on PS5?

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Backwards Compatibility

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Clues about Gameplay

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With the reveal trailer confirmed, one question will be at the top of Playstation owners' lists. Will Star Wars: Squadrons be on PS5?

Here's what we know so far...

Star Wars: Squadrons on PS5?

The trailer is coming in hot next week, and we're sure to get some answers to some of our burning questions surrounding the title.

At the moment, there is no news as to what consoles you'll be able to play it on.

If we take a look at previous, recent Star Wars titles from EA, such as Battlefront II and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the game could likely release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

However, whether the title will be available for PS5 is still a mystery. That being said, thanks to a special feature on PS5, it may not matter.

Backwards Compatibility

The much talked about backwards compatibility of the PS5 will allegedly make it possible to play selected PS4 titles on the next-gen console.

Details surrounding this feature on the PS5 are still coming in, but since Star Wars: Squadrons is a new title it may be more likely to be playable on PS5.

At this point, we can only speculate, however.

Clues about Gameplay

To date, we've been treated to some amazing artwork from EA, which was posted on Twitter, which gives us a few clues as to what we could expect from the title.

Will Star Wars: Squadrons be on PS5

THERE ARE ALWAYS TWO: The artwork has a somewhat retro feel, could it be referencing another popular Star Wars classic?

The artwork shows two fighter pilots from both the Rebel and Empire sides. You'll see a number of iconic ships on display, from X-Wings to Tie-Fighters too.

It could be a safe assumption that players will be able to experience both sides' spaceships, much like in the impressive Star Wars: Rogue Squadron on N64!

However, what's really interesting is the inclusion of the Imperial Star Destroyer. Could we potentially be able to take it for a spin?


Battlefront II had an engaging plot, which even saw the inclusion of some familiar faces from the series.

It poses the question as to when Star Wars: Squadrons will take place? Will it be after Star Wars: Episode III, when Vader is in full swing, or perhaps during the time of the First Order?

Or, could it follow the same path of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and give players the freedom to jump into epic battles across the 9 movies?

We could have answers to all these questions and more following the next week's reveal trailer, which will be on Monday 15 June at 16:00 BST, 08:00 PT, and 11:00 ET.

Make sure not to miss it!

For everything on Star Wars: Squadrons be sure to check back in with us.