*WATCH* PS5 UI REVEALED - Sony show off User Experience in new Trailer

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With less than a month to go until the release of the new PlayStation 5, we were wondering when we were going to see the on-screen interface of the Next Gen console!

Well, all has been revealed in a new trailer.

PS5 User Experience Trailer

The PS5 User Experience was designed for 4K TVs, and the PS5 UI puts you, the player, at its centre.


The ability to bring up the Control Centre whilst playing your game allows you to select in-game activities (it will also show you the time remaining).

It doesn't stop right there, with in-game help available for PS Plus members for some PS5 titles.

The help can even offer a video on how to complete that activity.

More features

Through the Control Centre you can chat with friends, jump into other games with friends, and even browse the PS Store without having to open up different apps.

Sharing screenshots with friends is also incredibly easy to use and, check this, if your screenshot could include a spoiler for a friend - they will receive a warning before opening!

If this is just one aspect of the capabilities of PS5, we can't wait to get playing

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