PS5 System Updates will adjust fan speed to improve cooling

You may have since in the PS5 teardown video how large the fan is on the console, explaining why the new PlayStation is just so large.

Well it turns out, that very fan is a lot more intelligent than you realise.

No. 1 Fan

Sony engineering director Yasuhiro Ootori pefromed the teardown, and he has now spoken with Japanese outlet 4Gamer.

He stated, that as well as the temperature sensor inside the PS5 APU, there are three additional temperature sensors on the console's main board.

This allows Sony to optimise fan speed base on the temperature date from different games.

ps5 cooling fan
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KEEPING IT COOL - Is this fan the secret to PS5's potential success

He said: "In the future, various games will appear, and APU behaviour data for each game will be collected."

The fan control parameter supports will be adjusted through online updates, so Sony can control the RPM of the fan.

PS5 teardown video

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How will this actually work?

It sounds as if the "more intelligent" PS5 games, will be able to find the optimum cooling temperature via updates.

So expect during high performance periods in titles for the fan to pick up, and then settle when in low-performance periods like in-game menus.

It may take a few months for games to optimise working with the fan, but it presents a great insight into how far the technology has come in recent years.

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