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PS5 release: No consoles for purchase in-store, online-only on launch day

A recent tweet from the official PlayStation Twitter has revealed that the PS5 will not be in-stores on launch day.

This may come as a shock to those wishing to buy the console that do not currently have a pre-order.

This decision has undoubtedly been taken due to the situation with COVID-19.

Let's take a look at what Sony had to say now.

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PS5 Online Only

The blog post states that "No units will be available in-store for purchase".

ps5 accessories
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NEXT GEN: The new console comes with a plethora of accessories

Thankfully, Sony did clarify that this is for launch day.


Instead, they confirmed that "day-of launch sales will be conducted through the online stores of our retail partners".

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As such, hope remains that, once the effects of coronavirus have diminished, you will be able to head in to your local store to buy a PS5.

Physical Pre-orders

The blog post does specify one specific exclusion from this rule.

xbox ps5 next to each other
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FACE-OFF: Which next-gen console will you be buying?

This is for those who have pre-ordered the console online to be collected in store.

Thankfully, those with these pre-orders still can, as long as they do so in their allotted appointment time.


The PS5

The PS5 itself boasts a number of incredible next-gen features, and not just its hardware!

The console will be capable of 4K, 60fps and HDR, whilst also retaining a 120Hz @1080p mode.

This will be awesome for those who want the console and want to remain competitive in FPS games and more.

Spider Man Miles Morales
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LOOKING GOOD: Some titles, like Spider-Man Miles Morales, will support ray-tracing

It is also perfectly suited to RPG titles, as the new console will support ray-tracing for games that have the feature enabled.


This should help bring a new level of immersion to the console gaming scene.

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Finally, the new DualSense controller and 7.1 surround sound software and headset will help you get into the game more than ever.