PS5 Faceplates: New patent suggests official options are coming soon

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At the moment, Sony's new PlayStation console comes in a thrilling White-Black combination or... A White-Black combination. We have both black and red DualSense controllers but there isn't any variation on the PS5 itself. Well... Until now. A new patent has been spotted and it could mean that we're getting official PS5 faceplates sooner rather than later. Here's what you need to know.

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OFFICIAL FACEPLATES - What we know so far

First reported by OpAttack, it looks like a new patent has been filed by Sony that appears to relate to PS5 faceplates and skins - could this mean something more official is on the way soon?


You can check out a look at the patent and the patent itself in a tweet from Nibel below:


This could be a way of preventing other third-party retailers from delving into the world of PS5 cosmetics, but Sony isn't a stranger to a limited-edition console. With the PS5's faceplates being removable and theoretically interchangeable, this could open up a new age of limited-edition customisation options for your console.

You have to imagine that the average consumer would be more likely to purchase an additional pair of official PS5 faceplates as opposed to a whole new console - right? This could be a huge money-maker for Sony.

At the moment, this is all speculative - however, it does look promising for those of you looking to customise your PS5 in the wake of Sony's shutting down of third-party faceplate retailers. We don't think we'll be seeing anything official regarding this for a little while yet - however, quite a few of PlayStation's biggest exclusives are coming out next year.

God of War Ragnarok, Horizon Fordbidden West, and the next Gran Turismo game could all offer fantastic visuals for an official PS5 faceplate - don't you think?