28 Jun 2021 8:31 AM +00:00

Where do you need to look to buy a PS5 console this week?

Looking for PS5 Console stock online is being more and more like a full-time job. Stock shortages have plagued the consumer market for as long as the console has been available and it doesn't look like these issues are going to be sorted out anytime soon.

That doesn't mean there aren't opportunities to get your hands on a PS5 Console though; Stock is out there, it's just a case of finding where and when. Here's where you need to be looking this week, heading into July 2021.

Where Can You Buy A PS5 This Week?

As we head into July, there are several places you need to keep an eye on for PS5 Console stock drops. PS5StockAlertUK has stated that the following retailers are due to release stock over the next week:

  • Amazon UK ( Highly Likely )
  • Argos ( Highly Likely )
  • AO ( Based On Previous Stock Drop Patterns )
  • ShopTo ( Based On Previous Stock Drop Patterns )
  • Studio ( Based On Previous Stock Drop Patterns )

In addition to this, Ps5Instant has suggested that Argos, specifically, is going to release PS5 Console stock between the 28th and 30th of June.

As you can see, retailers are starting to allow customers to buy PS5 Console stock in-store following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions. It might be worth taking that trip into town, after all.


Tips & Tricks For Online Buying

Buying PS5 Console stock online is a bit of a gamble, we admit. Sometimes, you're just not quick enough. However, there are also a few things you can do which help to speed the process up. These might just be the difference between getting a PS5 and missing out.

Firstly, always make an account with the relevant retailer ahead of a drop. If you're getting it from somewhere like Amazon, chances are you already have an account. However, a lot of the time this means you can save your payment and shipping details. This makes buying things as easy as a few clicks and can save you vital moments where others would be typing in their card numbers and addresses.

Secondly, add items to your wishlist and/or set up stock notifications. Most places offer this service and it should mean that you get an email alert whenever stock is due to be released and/or whenever it is currently available. If you set email notifications on, then you should be one of the first people to know where to look for PS5 Console stock when it becomes available.

Another thing that you can do to help yourself out is shop for Console Bundles. We understand that this means shelling out a little more than the RRP for a PS5, but most retailers have more stock allocated to Console Bundles than just standard Disc Edition or Digital Edition PS5s on their own. You'll have more of a chance if you go for a PS5 Console Bundle with an additional DualSense and/or games.