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PS3 Games have started to appear on the PS5 Store

Backwards Compatability on PlayStation systems has never really been that great. It's probably at its worst right now with PS4 discs working in the PS5 and some old PS3 and PS2 titles on PS Now. You can also purchase some select PS2 titles digitally.

That may be all about the change though at PS3 titles have been spotted on the PlayStation store. They are not yet available to purchase but this certainly offers players a glimmer of hope.

PS3 Titles spotted on PS5 Store

This news comes via VGC who were the first to report that PS3 games had started to pop up on the PS5 store. Some of the games that have been seen are Dead or Alive 5, Bejeweled and two Prince of Persia titles.

If these games were simply heading into the PS Now service, they would have a logo to represent this. The fact that the games feature a price and appear to just be regular store listings is what lends credence to backward compatibility being behind this.

Bloomberg reported that 'Spartacus' was the codename for Sony's answer to Xbox Game Pass which will combine PS Plus and PS Now will offer a lot more as a complete package.

There will be multiple tiers for subscribing to the service and it's expected to launch in 2022, likely in the Spring.

Not so fast...

It's also well worth pointing out that Ryan Biniecki, who goes by @MysticRyan has pointed out that this is a visual bug that has happened many times in the past.

The price being pulled onto the PS5 store is the same as the cost of renting games (from when PS Now allowed this). He also mentioned that all of the games involved has features on the service at one point or another.

As much as we all want to get excited, it may be worth tempering expectations for now until there is an official word from Sony.

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