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*WATCH* PlayStation App: PS5 Update arrives on Mobile

With the PS5 just a few weeks away, Sony is getting its ducks in a row.

First, the PS Store received an update, the PS5 UX has been shown off, and now the PS brand has responded to Xbox's recent update to its mobile app.

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New look

New features

The biggie of the new PlayStation app is the ability to remotely launch games.

Yes that's right, you can choose which game you want to play on your PS5 by selecting on your app.

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COMMUNITY - Check out what games your friends are playing and catch up with them in the app

You can also manage storage on our console, and sign into your system.


Just like on PS4, you can buy and download games directly to your PS5.

Another new aspect is the ability to create party groups and voice chat with 15 other people through your phone.

PS Messages are also built into the PlayStation App.

New Store

The PS Store is now fully integrated into the app, so you won't have to deal with the old web view, making it easier to shop and download apps and games.

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SURF THE WEB - Check out games and apps in the store and keep up to date with the latest news

The updated interface makes it super easy to see which friends are online, as well as your recently played games.

Advantage Xbox?

As much as the new PlayStation App is a snazzy upgrade, it's still behind the Xbox version.

Xbox app min
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AHEAD OF THE PACK - Xbox's mobile streaming service is unrivalled

The Beta version on Android allows game streaming (PlayStation has a separate Remote Play app), with Xbox eying up the prospect of going console-less in the future.

That said, the PlayStation app still shows great progress for Sony, allowing the player to feel a part of the game, even when not playing.

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