PlayStation 5: Release Date to be brought forward due to new Lockdown measures?

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Countries all over Europe have been thrown into a state of uncertainty following new lockdown regulations.

But could the new measures mean good news for PS5 hopefuls?

German Release Date Brought Forward?


According to reports circulating online, the release date for the PS5 over in Germany is set to be brought forward a week.

It is suggested that German electronic store Media Markt has been sending e-mails to those lucky enough to pre-order themselves a PS5 stating that the shipping date will now be Thursday, November 12.

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Whether this is an issue on Media Markt's end remains to be seen, but if not, it'll be music to the ears of those over in Germany!

UK to follow suit?

With Germany in a similar set of lockdown measures to those over in the UK, could we see the UK release date brought forward?

According to a user over on Reddit, UK retailer GAME have been advised to stop taking deposits due to a potential change to the PlayStation 5's release date.

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"Sony has advised us to stop taking deposits as it may bring the date closer or delay the release as the UK, France and Germany go into lockdown."


At present, there has been no official word from Sony with regards to any change to the UK or German PS5 release date, although bringing the release forward a week would coincide with those over in the USA, who will be able to access the Next-Gen console from November 12.

We can only hope!

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