Marvel's Spider-Man is the Next PlayStation Game Coming to PC.

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Out of all the IPs in the world, few are as big as Spider-Man. Whether it be comic books, movies or even video games, Spider-Man is a big money maker. Up until now, however, games have been locked to Playstation consoles but gamers can rejoice as we're finally getting Marvel's Spider-Man PC release.

The announcement was made at the June 2nd 2022 State of Play event and took the world by complete surprise. When is Marvel's Spider-Man PC getting a release? Here is what we know so far.

Marvel's Spider-Man PC Release Date

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Marvel's Spider-Man PC will release on August 12th 2022 and will mark the latest in PlayStation's slow expansion into the PC market, much to the dislike of a loud minority of fans.

It remains to be a smart business move, however, with each PlayStation exclusive release on PC seeing large levels of success, most recently the case with God of War PC which sold over two million PC copies according to SteamSpy. Marvel's Spider-Man PC has the chance to surpass even that. Sony revealed via their official blog post on Marvel's Spider-Man PC announcement that the series had sold over 33 million copies on PS4 and PS5 consoles, a number which is certain to shoot up once the PC port arrives later in the year.

A screenshot of the official trailer for Marvel's Spider-Man PC showing it's release date
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It doesn't just stop with Marvel's Spider-Man PC, however, with PlayStation and developer Insomniac Games also announcing that we will also be seeing a Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales PC port later in the fall of 2022, with the sequel/spin-off title also likely to bring in a lot of sales of the PlayStation brand.

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