23 Sep 2021 12:55 PM +00:00

How to Transfer your Death Stranding Save from PS4 to PS5

Death Stranding: Director's Cut releases on PS5 this week and if you're looking to transfer a PS4 save, it's not as simple as it should be.

One area where the PS5 has fallen short of the Xbox Series X/S is its smart delivery and cloud save system. We're going to take you through how to upload and transfer your Death Stranding save from PS4 to PS5.

Uploading your PS4 Save

The first, and possibly most painful part of the process, is uploading your PS4 Death Stranding save. You'll need to have the game installed on either your PS4 or PS5 to do this. It cannot be done via the PS Plus cloud save system.


There is also no option in the menu to upload a save, it must be done in the game. You will need to track down a Delivery Terminal (they're fairly common). While standing near a Delivery Terminal, you need to open the in-game options menu and select 'Export Save Data'.

You may only upload and hold one save file in the cloud so transferring multiple files is a no-go. Finally, you can head into the PS5 version of the game and download your uploaded save file from the main menu.

Changes with the Save Transfer

Certain aspects of your Death Stranding save file will not carry over between editions due to the changes between the two. Here is some of the content/features that will carry over;

  • Cargo carried by Sam, or in a private locker will be kept.
  • Any vehicles you have in the garage will be kept.
  • Unlocked rewards, mails, interviews, and tips will be kept.
  • Memory chips you've found will be kept.
  • Material amounts donated to facilities will be kept.
Death Stranding Director's Cut Screenshot
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Some of the content/features that will NOT be kept or carried over are;

Any active orders and supply requests will be lost.

  • Shared online content - including cargo, structures, and vehicles - will be lost and replaced with new options from a new server.
  • Cargo in the world, or picked up while out in the world will be lost.
  • Cargo in postboxes or safe houses that could not be rebuilt will be lost.
  • Structures that cannot be placed due to terrain changes will be lost.
  • MULEs, BTs, and other enemies will be returned to their original state. All corpses will be removed from the world.
  • Most craters created by Voidouts will disappear and the terrain will reset, but some craters will remain.
  • Information on other players you formed Bridge Links or Strand Contracts will be lost.