15 Aug 2021 12:23 PM +00:00

Deathloop file size for PS5 has been revealed!

Highly anticipated PlayStation 5 exclusive Deathloop is not far off the release and we now have our first look at a possible file size for the game.

Arkane Lyon is hard at work in the last few weeks before the release of Deathloop and it appears that the game has been officially uploaded to the PlayStation store, ready for release.

Deathloop File Size on PS5

Deathloop has been uploaded to the PlayStation store and currently comes in at 29.53GB. This info comes courtesy of @PlaystationSize on Twitter who also notes that this file doesn't contain a day one patch.


The tweet also points out the pre-load date for Deathloop which is currently set for Sunday, 12 September. With Deathloop being a PS5 exclusive, it will release on the preferred day for all PlayStation exclusives, Tuesday. It is still scheduled for release on 14 September.

It's not known whether the day one patch will have to be uploaded in time for the pre-load date or whether it will be uploaded at release. We anticipate that the day one patch will be released before launch to allow it to be applied to the game before release.


The last thing players will want after pre-loading is to have to download and apply a patch when they try and play the game.

After the acquisition of Bethesda by Microsoft last year, Deathloop has become a hot topic in gaming. Bethesda and Microsoft have stood by the agreement that Deatloop would be a PS5 exclusive but it now appears that it was only ever planned to be a timed exclusive.

We could see Deathloop drop on Xbox consoles at some point in 2022 and it would likely head straight into Xbox Game Pass.