PS5 Stock Update: How To Get A PS5 Before Christmas

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Getting hold of a PlayStation 5 is proving to be a near-impossible task. Sony’s next-generation system has quickly become the year’s most sought after item with demand far stripping demand to an almost unprecedented level.

Pre-orders original went live back in September, and pre-order allocations were filled within minutes, then the console was restocked for launch in November, and this time the machine sold out in seconds.

With the PS5 at the top of a lot of Christmas lists this year so the race to get one before the big day is well and truly on. Dedicated gamers, parents, tech-heads and (unfortunately) scalpers are desperately scouring the internet in hopes of finding any remaining stock.

We can’t guarantee we’ll be able to get you a PS5 in the coming days, but we can give you all the information you need to give yourself the best chances possible of securing one.

So, here’s our guide for how to get a PS5 before Christmas….

Which retailers will have PS5 stock before Christmas?

Currently, no retailer has confirmed they will have additional stock before Christmas. However, Sony did promise by way of a tweet in late November that retailers would have an additional allocation of the console before the year was out.

Over the last few weeks since that announcement a couple of retailers have had small stock drops, but nothing major which potentially signifies that a larger drop of stock is still to come in before the year is out.

While we can’t give any specific dates and times it’s well worth keeping a tab on various different retailers including Amazon and GAME over the coming days as PS5 stock has been known to drop without notice.

Which retailers won’t have PS5 stock before Christmas?

Unfortunately, some retailers have already dashed any hope of more PS5 stock in time for Christmas.

Argos has updated its PS5 store page with a message telling customers: "Sorry, PlayStation 5 is currently unavailable. We will not have any further stock for the rest of 2020". Smyths Toys has attached a similar note to its PS5 product page, informing gamers that the toy superstore won’t be “expecting any more PS5 stick until January 2021”.

A representative for ASDA took to Twitter to tell shoppers that it too is out of the PS5 selling game until 2021, so don’t expect to pick up a PS5 alongside your Christmas turkey this year.

How will I know when a retailer has more PS5 stock?


While it’s all well and good being told to keep tabs on sites like Amazon for potential stock to drop, most of us have lives to live and even in lockdown can’t dedicate ourselves to pressing F5 on PS5 product pages 24/7.

That’s where Gfinity Deals come in, this is our deal-focused Twitter account which will post any PS5 stock updates the minute they go live.

So if you’re desperately trying to get your hands on a console, make sure you’re following and have notifications switched on.

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