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LATEST NEWS PS Plus November 2021 Games: Leaks, Updated Predictions, & State of Play News

Last month's games were a little disappointing, but we're hoping that the PS Plus games for November 2021 bring back the glory days... of a few months ago.

Next week is shaping up to be an exciting one for PlayStation fans, and the lineup hasn't leaked yet.

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We have our own predictions, as well as all the news and details on the reveal date of the PS Plus November 2021 Games down below:


Latest - State of Play Revealed

Today, Sony has announced that a new State of Play stream will be taking place on October 27.

While nothing has been confirmed, there is a chance that the reveal of the monthly PS Plus games is held back by 24 hours until that stream.

Therefore, don't panic if we don't hear anything on Wednesday, when the lineup would usually be revealed. Keep your eyes peeled.

Reveal Next Week

We're getting close now, the PS Plus free games for November 2021 will actually be revealed in one week's time, at 11:30am / 4:30pm BST on Wednesday, October 27.

Look out for a tweet from PlayStation's official account, as well as a PlayStation Blog post that'll go over exactly what's in the lineup.

You'll then have to wait until the Tuesday after for the games to be downloadable.


PSVR Games Included for Anniversary

PlayStation has also announced that they're including three extra PSVR games with PS Plus in November 2021, to celebrate five years since the headset released.

We don't know what the games will be just yet, but we wouldn't be surprised if they some of of the system's most popular games.

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We also know that the games won't replace any other free games for the month. The three PSVR games will be in addition to the one PS5 game and two PS4 games we usually get.

We assume that the PSVR games will be revealed alongside the monthly PS Plus games later in the month.


PS Plus November 2021 Leaks & Rumours

For now, there have been no leaks for the PS Plus November 2021 free games lineup.

That being said, there will almost certainly be some between now and when they're revealed, as there tends to be every month.

ps plus november 2021
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It won't have been officially revealed, but we'll likely know the lineup by the time we reach the second to last week of October.

As soon as some leaks and rumours start to surface, we'll be sure to update you right here.



As what we expect to be included this month, it's tough to say. However we have some ideas.

Once good way to predict the monthly PS Plus games is to look at what games are due to release on the same day as the free lineup.

In November 2021, there are no high enough profile games due to release on that day - which isn't a surprise with Call of Duty Vanguard out that week - so it's tough to predict.

If we were betting people, we'd punt on Jurassic Park Evolution being one of the free PS4 games, with the sequel out later in the month.

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Also, it is probably time for the PS5 launch games to start being included in the free games. We wouldn't be surprised to see the like of Godfall and Sackboy: A Big Adventure to be included with PS Plus in the next few months, maybe starting in November.

We'll circle back around to these predictions in a couple of weeks to see whether we were right or not.