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27 May 2020

PS Plus June 2020 Reddit - Predictions, Call of Duty WWII announced, F1 2019, Deals, Discounts, Offers & More

PS Plus June 2020 Reddit - Predictions, Call of Duty WWII
announced, F1 2019, Deals, Discounts, Offers & More

The June 2020 subreddit has been filled with controversy and humour as always, but also some predictions.

We've already named our predictions for PS Plus June, but this time we dedicate it to the Reddit community and their predictions.

We also have one confirmed title for the PS Plus June.

Reddit Predictions

While we wait for the rest of the titles to be announced later in the week, let's take a look at some of the suggestions on the June 2020 prediction thread.

Remember, they're just suggestions - so take with a pinch of salt!


PS Plus’s May campaign included two epic simulators to get stuck into, and although they are fantastic ambassadors for the genre, some Reddit users have started to poke fun at them.

reddit ps plus june 2020

ESCAPE FROM REALITY: Readers that are here for less comedic predictions should continue reading below


On the PS Plus June 2020 prediction thread, the most upvoted comments revolve around some jeering and good humour.

reddit predictions ps plus june 2020

THROWBACK: Bethesda's 2012 entry 'Dishonored' still has players raving about it!

On a more serious note, u/Stafax named 'Dishonored Definitive Edition and The Order 1886' as his predictions, and is currently the second most upvoted comment in the thread.

Dishonored would especially be a treat to get stuck into during lockdown.

F1 2019

Recently, with Covid-19's effects being felt across the world, esports has ramped up as a replacement to some of the biggest events in F1.

There's even a Virtual GP this evening! If F1 2019 makes the cut, it'll be a great chance for players to see just why the game has legions of dedicated players.

Annotation 2020 05 24 092244

F1: This would be a great addition and 'thechickennuggetsguy' makes a valid point!

Continue reading below for some excellent deals, discounts and offers ahead of the big reveal.

15% off a 12-Month Membership

Gamers are usually charged £50 as standard by Sony for 12 months of access to the online network, and of course the monthly PS Plus free games.

ps plus 12 month deal

TIMING IS EVERYTHING: CDKeys is back with another incredible deal

However, CDKeys has reduced the price of the 12-Month membership, basically offering 2 months worth of free access to the PlayStation Network.

Head over to the full article for more deals, including the PlayStation Store's 'Deal fo the Week'.