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25 Jun 2020

PS Plus Reddit: Sony community want Horizon Zero Dawn on July FREE GAMES

PS Plus Reddit: Sony community want Horizon Zero Dawn on

We've already named our predictions for July, but you should check out Reddit's top requests too!

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Reddit Predictions

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Our Predictions

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Reveal Date

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Gamers want Horizon Zero Dawn included in this month's PS Plus lineup for July, fueled by the excitement of the Horizon Forbidden West announcement!

The PS Plus subreddit has been filled with controversy and humour as always, but the title made its way into discussions when predicting what would feature in the the PS Plus July campaign.

As well as the community's requests for the next line-up, we've included our own predictions and some great deals and discounts. Let's kick off.

Reddit Predictions

As mentioned following the latest PS5 announcements, including some titles that have been confirmed for the next-gen console, the PS Plus subreddit has been an active page in recent weeks.

reddit horizon zero dawn

CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED: Horizon Zero Dawn was widely praised by critics for its glorious graphics, open-world exploration and incredible story

Following the announcement of Horizon: Forbidden West, one user has asked what the chances are of seeing Horizon Zero Dawn are.

reddit predictions ps plus july

FINGERS CROSSED: This would be such a great title to receive for July... perhaps too good

It would be outstanding if we could follow Aloy on his adventure in a world overrun by machines, but we won't hold our breath. Why, I hear you ask? Probably because the game is likely enjoying a fresh new spike of interest (sales) - so Sony won't want to give it away just yet!

One of the most upvoted comments from last month's thread revolved around some more gorey titles.

reddit predictions ps plus june 2020

THROWBACK: Bethesda’s 2012 entry ‘Dishonored’ still has players raving about it!

u/Stafax named Dishonored Definitive Edition and The Order 1886 as their predictions, and either of these two would be a treat to get stuck into during lockdown.

The Order, a PS4 launch title, was and still is absolutely stunning. In fact, it could well be a next-gen game!

Sadly, the gameplay and story kinda sucked... but there's still a big fan base there.

Our Predictions

PS Plus campaigns provide us with such a variety of games that we don’t know what to expect this July.

LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga delayed

CLUNKY AS EVER: One of our choices was the last LEGO Star Wars title

In recent months, we’ve seen titles ranging from the Uncharted series, all the way to Farming Simulator.

We usually see an indie game paired up with a forgotten blockbuster, so our predictions for the triple-A title are:

  • The Last Of Us
  • Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrafice
  • LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Head on over to the Predictions article for the full breakdown of these titles.

Reveal Date

PS Plus has followed a relatively consistent pattern throughout 2020, so despite there being no official reveal date, we’ve already worked it out for you!

PREDICTIONS: We’ve got ours in so you should go check them out!

Typically, the games are revealed on the final Wednesday of each month, which takes us to Wednesday 24 June.

However, it's not as simple as that this month...

Release Date

The games that have been announced will release and become available to download the following Tuesday.

assassins creed ezio collection

A NECESSARY DISTRACTION: With the effects of lockdown still in full effect, PS Plus has become a great source of monthly entertainment for the millions of active users

That makes Tuesday 30 June the release date, but that's not in July!

Fans will have to wait an extra week before finding out what the games are, and it won't be able to play them until 7 July.