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PS Plus: New Free Game Comes With Controversy - Control: Ultimate Edition

PS Plus is home to several great, free games every month for subscribers.

February's free PS Plus titles include Destruction AllStars, Concrete Genie, and Control Ultimate Edition.

And Control Ultimate Edition comes packing both DLC expansions and an upgrade for PS5 players, it's causing quite a stir in the community.

PS Plus Control Ultimate Edition Angers Fans

STONEWALLED: Control players are upset by PS Plus offering the Ultimate Edition for free
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STONEWALLED: Control players are upset by PS Plus offering the Ultimate Edition for free

Control Ultimate Edition comes free for PS Plus subscribers for February.

Not only does it include the base game, but it also comes with both "The Foundation" and "AWE" expansion packs for free.


Perhaps most importantly, Control Ultimate Edition also features a free upgrade for PlayStation 5 owners.

This has upset fans, because when the PS5 update was originally announced, it was only going to go for free to anyone who purchased the Ultimate Edition.

Following outcries from fans, publisher 505 Games stated that the team was "unfortunately unable to offer an upgrade path to all existing Control players."

This meant that anyone who wanted the PS5 upgrade would have to buy the Ultimate Edition in addition to what they already had purchased.

Now that PS Plus is offering the upgrade and the Ultimate Edition itself for free for subscribers, this stings more than just a bit for loyal customers.

PS Plus Control Ultimate Edition PS Store Refunds

Fans have more to be upset about than just the free version of Control Ultimate Edition on PS Plus.


Previously, the game was also available on sale on the PS Store ahead of the PS Plus release on February 2.

People who bought the game on sale are reasonably frustrated now that they've paid money for what is free for other users.

As a result, some players are asking if refunds are possible for their purchases ahead of the PS Plus announcement.

Neither Sony nor 505 Games have commented on the situation just yet.

If you purchased the game on sale before the PS Plus Control Ultimate Edition was announced, you may want to reach out to see if you're eligible for a refund.

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