PS Plus: Sony can swat off the Xbox Games with Gold challenge

We all love a little bit of healthy competition.

And that's exactly what we've got between Microsoft and Sony, as the two battle it out to be the dominant force in the gaming world.

Games With Gold

PS Plus has been the standout platform for some time now, but Microsoft is doing their utmost to plug the gap.

The Games with Gold service continues to deliver top-quality titles, and plenty of them too!

FIVE! GWG will deliver five titles next month!
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FIVE! GWG will deliver five titles next month!

Whilst it is routine for Sony to release three games to their PS Plus service each month, we are seeing Xbox come out with four or even five some months.

In terms of value for money, Xbox is doing their best to ensure that their subscribers get what they deserve!

PS Plus Next Gen Exclusives

But Sony is making sure they don't lose ground.

Destruction AllStars provides Sony with a Next Gen, PS Plus exclusive in February, which, considering the PS5 is only a couple months old, is a big marker to lay down.

If Sony can continue to deliver those high profile releases, they should ensure they remain number one.

Loser Leader

Of course, pricing is vital.

The Xbox team recently backtracked on it increasing Xbox Live Gold's pricing - which of course includes the Games with Gold.

This was planned to push more people to Game Pass - which still remains an unrivalled platform with over 300 games updated regularly.

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FOOT IN BOTH CAMPS - Can Xbox continue to support both Game Pass and Games with Gold?

Xbox Live Gold costs $9.99 / £6.99 for one month - the same price as PS Plus.

Although can you really compare them - PS Plus in recent months ahs contained Fall Guys, two Call of Duty titles and Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

The best we had seen on Games with Gold before Gears 5 was Farming Simulator...

It seems Xbox are in a pickle - with still so many players looking to get their hands on a Next Gen console - how can their subscription be the one of choice - without scaring people away with the more expensive Game Pass Ultimate (which includes Gold) at $14.99 / £10.99?

Competition is Key

Whilst Sony appears to be edging the battle ever so slightly, we're all for the two companies going at it!

The battle for both to be number one is nothing but good news for those subscribed to either service, as both companies have far too much pride to let the other one take over.

Whether it's PS Plus, PS Now, Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Games with Gold, you know that you are going to get great value for money!

Now Nintendo, when are you getting involved?

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