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PS Plus February 2020 UPDATE: Violent shooter Doom demanded to be among FREE games by Reddit fans

February is only days away, so that means PS Plus members are about to be treated to a bunch of new free games.

Fans on Reddit have already made their predictions about what to expect, and it seems like there's one game on everyone's wishlist. Doom (2016).

With Doom Eternal launching the following month (March), it would be the perfect time to give fans yet to try out the stunning shooter a taste of the carnage to come.

One fan on the PS Plus Reddit wrote: "Doom will probably be on psplus 1 month before the new Doom comes out so ppl can get hyped about the game."

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Another, less happy fan wrote: "Bruh I just bought doom they better not..."

Dead Cells, Dragon Age and Watch Dogs 2 are also on people's wishlists -- although we're hoping ID and Bethesda's Doom makes the cut.

For those thinking about joining but haven’t made the leap, PS Plus gives members access to a number of exclusive free games every month.

Sony ended 2019 with the fantastic Titanfall 2 as their feature PS Plus game, which went down a storm with fans.

Titanfall 2 was developed by the same team as Apex Legends, Respawn, so those adept at Apex will feel right at home.

What other benefits do I get with PS Plus?

Did you know that PlayStation Plus membership also includes 1GB of cloud storage for game saves?

Additionally, other users who sign in to PSN to play games on your primary PS4 console will be able to play online multiplayer modes in those games.

Exclusive Access

Being a member of PlayStation Plus grants you early access to betas and demos and access to exclusive betas. So, if you want to get a taste of the newest games, Plus is for you.


PlayStation Plus members are granted access to discounts to some of the biggest games available on the PlayStation Network.

These discounts are totally worth it, and let you pick up games for a fraction of the original retail price. Just make sure you’ve got the storage!

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