*UPDATED* PS Plus August 2020 Reddit: Predictions, Cheap PS4 Games, July's Free Games & More

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PS Plus subscribers received an extra free game for PS Plus July to celebrate the service's 10th anniversary.

How will PlayStation decide to follow that?


Well, we've looked to Reddit to see what could be on the cards.

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How to Predict

The Reddit community loves to have a guess as to what games could come up this month.

u/residentgamer5 has marked three things... which are somewhat contradictory:

  • Games on discount are less likely to be added
  • Games on discount are more likely to be added
  • Games with a sequel soon are more likely to be added

Head here to read the discussion.

View on July

Typically, we would take you through the most upvoted predictions on the PS Plus subreddit... but they haven't been posted yet!


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reddit horizon zero dawn

INTO THE DARKNESS: Reddit can be a bit of a vortex, but the PS Plus discussion threat often has some great conversations going

Instead, we've seen an awful lot of praise and criticism of this month's special edition line up.

We've taken highlights from the respective threads and put them all into one convenient space, so continue below for all the juicy bits.


To celebrate 10 years of PS Plus, Sony really pulled through with three incredibly strong titles from vastly different genres, rather than the usual two.

reddit ps

OPTIONS: We agree that the entire set of titles are "perfect ps+ games"

The games from July's line up have widely gone down as a treat, with many taking to the PS Plus subreddit to word their joy.


Erica was one of the three games provided in the last PS Plus line up.

reddit ps plus 1

SHORTER THAN EXPECTED: You can fly through Erica in an insanely short amount of time, according to this user

It is a feature-length cinematic experience which merges high-fidelity Hollywood production values with engaging, tactile gameplay.


However, various users have found that the game is relatively easy to skim through, if you're taking the risk-free route that is.

For the best experience with this game, you'll need to go for some of the riskier choices to explore other paths.


Predictions as usual go wild online, and it's genuinely tough to be on the money!

Currently on this predictions Reddit stream, there is everything from Grand Theft Auto Trilogy and Assassins Creed 3 Remastered, all the way to God of War and Shadow of Mordor!

BRACE FOR THE IMPACT! Of the new August releases...


The most popular prediction at the time of writing is the one and only God of War, which would make sense as it has featured in sales and even the latest PS4 Pro bundle deals.

Release Date

Traditionally we see PS Plus revealed on the final Wednesday of the month.

CAUGHT OUT: Last month we assumed it was business as usual, and we were very wrong…

Last month was a bit of an anomaly in terms of dates, but we’re expecting business as usual for August.

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Using the pattern set by previous campaigns, Wednesday 29 July looks like the date that the PS Plus August line up will be revealed on.

This means that a fresh set of titles should release on Tuesday 4 August.

July’s Line Up

Rather than the usual two, PS Plus this July have access to three PS4 games this month – and you still have plenty of time to claim them!


THE OFF-SEASON: Will the extended rest period affect the standard of the NBA when it returns?

To celebrate 10 years of PS Plus, Sony really pulled through with three incredibly strong titles from vastly different genres.


These titles were:

  • NBA 2K20
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration
  • Erica

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