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Destruction AllStars Free PS Plus Game: How To Download, Release Time, Free PS Plus Games February 2021

Destruction AllStars is going to be free on PS5 for PS Plus subscribers!

Destruction AllStars is the spiritual successor to Destruction Derby and puts players in the driving seat, literally!

It's a chaotic, explosive, fast-paced global phenomenon that promises intense action and awesome explosions.

Whether you're on foot or behind the wheel, Destruction AllStars is well worth picking up for free this month via PS Plus.

A roster of 16 blockbuster Destruction AllStars are revved up and ready to compete in the name of entertainment and demolition. So, strap in for intense, explosive and unpredictable levels of free-flowing action and fight to be crowned the Global Destruction Federation Champion.

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How To Download


In order to download Destruction AllStars from the PS Store, you'll need to wait until it becomes available alongside the other PS Plus titles for February.

When it goes live, all you need to do is add it to your library and then you're ready to download and get stuck in!

Please note, Destruction AllStars is only available on a PlayStation 5. So, if you can't find it on your PS4 this will be why.

Destruction AllStars Release Time

There is no official word on the exact time when Destruction AllStars will be released.

It is due to release as a free PS Plus title on February 2nd.

In theory, this means that it could go live at 00:00 GMT. However, it will be down to whenever your local PS Plus Games page gets updated on your PlayStation.

Destruction AllStars Free PS Plus February 2021 Crash
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SMASH - Destruction AllStars is all about trading paint!

As a PS Plus title, Destruction AllStars will only be available until April 5th to add the game to their library for free.


February 2021 PS Plus Games

Although Destruction AllStars is a PS5 exclusive title, that doesn't mean PS4 players are being left out.

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Control: Ultimate Edition and Concrete Genie are also going to be free games for February 2021 as apart of the PS Plus Games line-up.

Control: Ultimate Edition is due to receive a next-gen update at some point in 2021, so be sure to grab it while you can!

This version of Control comes with both The Foundation and AWE expansion packs.

Both Control: Ultimate Edition and Concrete Genie will be free until 1 March 2021.