Pokemon Sword and Shield: Best Early Game Wild Area Pokemon!

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Pokemon Sword and Shield are finally here! Players are finally able to explore the Galar region and challenge all the gym leaders throughout the region in hopes of becoming champion.

One of the newest components of the game is the Wild Area, an immersive section of land, that all sorts of Pokemon spawn depending on the region and the weather.


Some of these Pokemon are vital for the early game scenarios and gym battles so we'll take you through all the ones you should consider adding to your party.

Table of Contents

Ralts - 2% Encounter Rate - Rolling Fields

Introduced during generation three and the Hoenn region, Ralts is also one of the first Pokemon you find during Ruby and Saphire. Now it can be found in the first section of the wild area at a small 2% encounter rate.


Ralts is one of the most versatile and hardest special attackers in all of the games, being a physic type it can do immense powers as it progresses throughout the story.

A strong consideration for your party and one that will for sure help out during gym battles.

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Vulpix - 60% Encounter Rate - Rolling Fields


The beloved fox Pokemon can also be found at Rolling Fields making it one of the first Pokemon you can encounter during your exploration of the Wild Area. With a 60% to encounter it as well, Vulpix is a much easier find then Ralts.

The one factor to take into consideration when trying to catch Vulpix is that it can only be found when the conditions of the Wild Area are "Intense Sun".

Should you want Vulpix on your team it will be a perfect pair if you chose Sobble as the first gym leader is a grass type leader!

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Snorunt - 60% Encounter Rate - West Lake Axewell

Moving onwards from Rolling Fields this is another section that is part of the first Wild Area and is just a tad west of Rolling Fields. In order to find Snorunt in this portion of the Wild Area, you will have to wait until it is a snowstorm which happens every so often.

Waiting for this will reward you with a formidable ice type Pokemon that has been among fan favourites since its first appearance in generation three.


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