29 Jun 2021 2:55 PM +00:00

Are Bluepoint Games Set To Be Acquired By Sony?

According to a mistaken tweet from PlayStation Japan, Sony are set to announce another big studio acquisition. This time it will be the masters of the remake and remaster, Bluepoint Games.

It would be the second big purchase by Sony this week with Housemarque having become a first-party studio also.

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Bluepoint Games To Become First-Party Studio?

It was announced earlier today, 29 June, that Housemarque would become a first-party studio for Sony. This follows the success of their exclusive PS5 title, Returnal.

PlayStation Japan, however, accidently tweeted the wrong photo with their announcement and it hints at another big purchase instead.

In the gaff seen above, it's clearly a different image but is very much in line with the one tweeted out for Housemarque.

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Bluepoint are very much in the same boat as Housemarque given than many may assume they were already a first-party studio. They have worked almost exclusively with PlayStation properties throughout their history.

Sony PlayStation Housemarque Acquisition
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Note the lack of Demon Souls presence on this version of the image

While the photo could have been faked, the since deleted tweet has been confirmed as coming from a Sony official account.

It's also worth noting that in the Housemarque photo, the Demon Souls image isn't present, further suggesting that this was supposed to be an official announcement to be made at a later date.


We'll have to keep an eye on the PlayStation social channels for an official announcement in the coming weeks, but it certainly seems like Bluepoint Games are set to join the Sony family of studios.