Silent Hill 2 Leaks Are Once Again Surfacing

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Silent Hill and the various remake rumours have been floating around for some time but we're finally seeing solid suggestions that the franchise is on the way back.

Love for the franchise has been on the rise ever since the P.T. saga back in 2014. Recent rumblings suggest that multiple projects are in the works. Could we finally see one of them revealed soon?


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LATEST - More Silent Hill Leaks Surface

Some substantial leaks have surfaced suggesting that Silent Hill 2 remake is due this year and a brand new project is coming by 2025.

We're keen to see whether or not the rumours of an impending State of Play event could also lead to the reveal of these projects.

Project to be revealed during State of Play?

PlayStation has announced another State of Play event for Thursday, 2 June. Multiple sources have suggested that a few Silent Hill projects are in the works and we're thinking there might not be a better time for them to show up.


The biggest of the projects appears to be a complete remake of Silent Hill 2 that will change pretty much every aspect of the game, bringing into question whether or not it's really a remake at all.

Silent Hill Could Be Coming Back

Recently, games journalist Jeff Grubb has confirmed that he's aware of rumours around a Silent Hill 2 remake. This suggests that it's at least being talked about behind the scenes.

This isn't a confirmation it directly exists but a sign it may be. As of right now, it's a good sign for the future of the franchise.

Slitterhead, from Silent Hill creator, announced

Kojima showed up to introduce Guillermo del Toro's new movie and the words 'Silent Hill' were on-screen for quite a while, but sadly we're not looking at a new game in the franchise anytime soon.


Instead, it looks like Silent Hill's creator, Keiichiro Toyama, is working on a new horror game titled Slitterhead - this is the English-language translation of the title, anyway. You can check out the new teaser trailer below:

Could Silent Hill appear at The Game Awards?

With The Game Awards taking place very soon, we're left wondering whether or not it's the right time to reveal all about the possibility of a Silent Hill revival.

The rumour mill has been swirling and it certainly looks like the franchise is set to return soon but will we see something this year?

Silent Hill to return soon

Konami is working on Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania projects with an eye to revealing them soon, according to a report from Andy Robinson at VGC.


Konami were notably expected to show off their works at E3 2021 but pulled out at the last-minute. The latest report now suggests that these projects are due to appear at major shows throughout 2022.

Silent Hill PS5 Release Date

If a new Silent Hill game exists, we anticipate that it can only be in very early development at best. This means we have our eye on 2023 as a likely release date.

P.T Silent Hill PS5
P.T was set to be a Silent Hill fans' wet dream

Should Adandoned turn out to be Silent Hill in disguise, then a release date would be much sooner. Unfortunately, we have our doubts that this is anything other than a poorly run indie project for the time being.

We'll keep you up to date with all the latest announcements and reveals coming out of the PlayStation Showcase. It's set to be a huge event and we wouldn't want you to miss out!