03 Mar 2021 3:20 PM +00:00

Black Ops Cold War and more part of PSN Essential Picks sale

Today, a brand new sale began on the PlayStation Store. Called Essentials Picks, it features some of the biggest and best games from the past few years.

US PlayStation users will be able to find the sale on the store from this afternoon.

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PSN Essential Picks Sale Best Deals

While it'll be good for you to look through the list of games on sale, we'll break down he best picks below. Also, Wario 64 has a screenshot featuring all the deals, it's just a little tough to see everything.

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - Now: $44.99
  • NBA 2K21 - Now: $19.79
  • Death Stranding - Now: $24.79
  • Bloodborne - Now: $12.99
  • Until Dawn - Now $9.99
  • NBA Tour 2K21 Deluxe - Now: $34.99

There are hundreds of games to pick up from the sale, as well as lots of DLC packs for the games that are discounted, so take a look at the full list on you console or PlayStation mobile app now.

Also, if more titles are added to the PSN Store Essential Picks sale, we'll be sure to update the list above of the best deals.