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GAME set to receive PS5 stock ahead of E3 2021

E3 2021 is right around the corner and wouldn't it be great to be able to watch all of the new reveals knowing you can have a new PS5 ready to play them all?

Well, hopefully we can help with that, here is everything you need to know this weekend about securing a brand new PS5.

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LATEST - GAME To Open Orders Next Week

It appears that GAME will be the next retailer to take orders for the PS5 this month, with the restock expected between June 7th-9th.

There is also potential that we could see a Smyths restock this weekend, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

This news should be exciting for potential PS5 buyers as this will likely be the final opportunity to purchase a console before the upcoming E3 2021 event, where we will find out many of the games that are due to be released over the coming year, and it'll be more exciting knowing you've got a shiny new PS5 sat ready for those games.


What To Expect In June

Throughout the rest of June, we should be saying stock trickle into the market, but unfortunately, it seems like only a few restocks are planned this month.

It is being reported that Argos is set to release stock at some point between June 8th-16th, while Very will be later in the month around June 16th-23rd.

This could change as the month goes on and more retailers could receive stock, but these are the ones that we know about right now.

Where Else Can You Buy A PS5


As we've all seen over the last year or so, scalpers have been out in force, snapping up anything that can make them money, ranging from Pokemon cards to GPUs, to games consoles.

While we strongly advise buying from scalpers or retailers that are selling for more than RRP, here is where to find them.


CEX is a chain brand that sells used entertainment items from games, films, computer parts, mobile phones and more.

Because of this they don't have to follow pricing laws and can instead set their own laws.

They do sell both versions of the PS5, but be prepared to pay more than RRP for them.

At the time of writing the prices are:



Like CEX, if you're prepared to pay more than RRP and aren't that bothered whether the box has been opened before, then Ebay is one place to consider.

One thing to note is, since you may be dealing with individual sellers there may be a risk involved, so be prepared for that before you bid/purchase.

You can find the consoles here: