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First look at Final Fantasy 14 gameplay on PS5

April is set to be a good month for PlayStation fans, the PS5 is much easier to find, the PS Plus games are great, and there's plenty of new releases to play.

Here is the latest PS5 news for April 4th.

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First Look At Final Fantasy 14 On PS5

Ahead of its release on April 13th, Square Enix has given players a look at the open beta with Final Fantasy 14 running on PS5.

This new next-gen version offers improved visuals and loading times compared to the PS4 version.

Check out the gameplay below.

PS Plus Games Release Next Week

The latest batch of PS Plus games will be launching on April 6th, including the new Oddworld: Soulstorm which will be launching on the service on day one.

PS Plus April 2021 Key Art
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The games that will be given away this month are;

  • Oddworld: Soulstorm (PS5)
  • Days Gone (PS4)
  • Zombie Army 4 (PS4)

Here is some more information about each game.

Oddworld: Soulstorm

Oddworld’s Abe returns in this action-adventure platformer set directly after the events of 2014’s Oddworld: New ‘N’ Tasty.

Having undergone a transformation from a clueless cog in a mega-corporate machine to an unlikely hero and beacon of hope, Abe must now save his fellow Mudokons by any means necessary.

As you recruit more followers, stick to stealth and puzzle-solving to survive or scavenge goods and craft an arsenal to liberate your friends.

In Oddworld: Soulstorm, you will begin to understand the power of many will be needed to solve problems that the individual alone cannot.

Days Gone


Ride into a desperate, dog-eat-dog open world of the Pacific Northwest as a drifter and bounty hunter, Deacon St. John.

Risk the threats of the broken road on the back of your trusty bike as you face swarms of mindless feral Freakers – and equally terrifying humans.

Unpredictable weather and different times of day and night can cause incredible danger and shocking surprises… and everything wants you dead.

Devise your strategies as you customise weapons and skills, craft traps and upgrade your bike as you try and survive the unforgiving wilderness.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War


Hitler’s hordes are back for more in this spine-chilling shooter from the makers of Sniper Elite 4.

Abominable occult enemies, epic weapons and a harrowing new campaign for 1-4 players await in 1940s Europe, as you fight to save humankind from undead Armageddon.

Continue the alternate history of the Zombie Army Trilogy in huge new levels, and uncover a sinister plan that takes the Survivor Brigade across Italy and beyond.

PS5 Stock Update


As it is Easter Sunday today, and the Bank Holiday tomorrow, no PS5 drops will happen until Tuesday.

According to @Ps5Instant, Smyths could drop their latest restock at any time from Tuesday onwards, with it being said that they have 2,000 consoles ready to go.

They also claim that John Lewis has pallets of consoles in their warehouse, so we can expect those to be released very soon.


It has been known that GAME, Argos, and Amazon are all preparing for major restocks too.

GAME's and Argos' are expected to be released at some point between April 8th-14th, with two shipments from Amazon taking place over the course of April.

The new console will become increasingly easier to get hold of as more and more players leave the market after securing their consoles, and stock becomes larger and more frequent.

So, right now we suggest keeping an eye on Smyths and John Lewis at the start of next week, then keeping an eye on GAME and Argos towards the end of the week.

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