A PlayStation exclusive is launching on Xbox Game Pass

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The PS5 is still the hottest item on the market, with thousands of players scrambling during every restock to secure the next-gen system.

Here is all of the news you need to know today!

PlayStation Exclusive Launching Day One On Xbox Game Pass


Yes, you read that right, a game that has been a PlayStation since the series began in 2006, and is published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, is coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one.

It was announced earlier today that MLB: The Show 21 will be launching on Xbox Game Pass on April 20th, alongside the PS4 and PS5 and will also be fully cross-platform with Sony consoles.

Xbox One and Series X|S owners will be able to play the Standard Edition of the game as part of their Game Pass subscription on April 20th, while PlayStation 4 and 5 players will need to purchase the game as normal.


This is huge news for Microsoft, being a PlayStation property, which could be a sign that both companies are willing to work together to give gamers the best experience possible.

It has been long debated as to whether future Bethesda titles will come to PlayStation after Microsoft acquired the company earlier this year.

But maybe this gives PlayStation fans a glimmer of hope that games such as The Elder Scrolls 6 could come to Sony in the future.

Check out the trailer for MLB: The Show 21 below, it is crazy to see the Xbox logo followed by the PlayStation logo in the same trailer.

PS5 Stock Update


It is expected the Smyths could be next in line to release new PS5 stock, with estimates being between April 1st-7th.

This means that they could release stock tonight, as Smyths seem to release their stock in the evening.

According to rumours, Smyths will only have a small number of consoles for sale so you will need to be extremely lucky to secure one, but it is definitely worth trying.

Our best advice is, keep checking back for these daily stock updates and set up as many stock alerts as you can.

But, if you have to have a new console now and can't wait for new stock, you do have a few options, although we don't recommend them.