PS Now January 2022: Free games confirmed, release date, & Mortal Kombat

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It isn't Xbox Game Pass, but PlayStation's PS Now is an underrated service and it looks like January 2022 is going to be the start of a decent year of new games. PlayStation has confirmed what titles are going to be available next month and we have everything you need to know below.

UPDATE - New PS Now games confirmed

PlayStation has just shared the following tweet and confirmed the following games for January 2022's PS Now offerings:

  • Mortal Kombat 11
  • Fury Unleashed
  • Unturned
  • Kerbal Space Program: Enhanced Edition
  • Super Time Force Ultra

These five games are joining Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age on January 4th - at the moment, they're all going to be available through PS Now for an indefinite amount of time. That's certainly far from a bad thing!

LEAVING GAMES - What's leaving next month?

At the moment, there's only one game that has been confirmed to be leaving PS Now next month: The Last of Us Part 2. This is going to be available on the service until January 3rd, so make sure you're playing as much of it as you can between now and then!


With any luck, Naughty Dog's fantastic game will be replaced by something equally amazing next month - although, only time will tell.

CONFIRMED GAMES - PS Now in January 2022

We know it's a little early to see the full line-up for PS Now in January 2022 announced, but we do know about one game that's going to be added to the service next month. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is going to be added to PS Now next month - as PlayStation continue their trend of adding one older Final Fantasy game each month. This might be the last one for a while, but only time will tell if PlayStation and Square Enix can reach a deal and continue with the next handful of Final Fantasy titles.

PS Now January 2022
THE ZODIAC AGE - Need your Final Fantasy fix?

If you're not a fan of Final Fantasy XII - or Final Fantasy games in general - don't worry. This isn't going to be the only game added to PS Now next month. This is just the only one we know about - PlayStation doesn't announce their PS Now games until the day before they go live on the service - we don't think this isn't going to change in January 2022.

With this in mind, PS Now players are going to have to wait until January 3rd or January 4th to find out more - officially, anyway. PlayStation's PS Plus games have been accurately leaked for well over the last six months; A PS Now leak could slip through the cracks at some point over the next two weeks.

What games do we think we're going to see?

PS Now has the habit of throwing a blockbuster Triple-A title at us when we least expect it - much like how The Last of Us Part 2 was added.


With one huge game on the way out, we think another will step up and take its place. At the moment, PS Now doesn't offer any PS5 games at all and this needs to change. The PS5 has been out for over a year now and PS5 owners have no incentive to pick up a membership to the service right now.

PS Now January 2022
DEMON'S SOULS - Would you be happy with this?

A game like Demon's Souls would be perfect for it. It's a PS5 launch game that was overshadowed by Insomniac Games' Spider-Man Miles Morales and could be the perfect entry point for new players looking at PS Now for a solution to a quiet PS5 Game Library.