31 Jul 2021 10:44 AM +00:00

Best Deals of the PlayStation Store Summer Sale

We've seen big summer sales from Epic, Steam and Xbox so it's finally the turn of PlayStation to start theirs and see what they can put on offer. We'll detail some of the best deals, discounts or bundles we can find in the PlayStation Sale.

PlayStation Summer Sale Best Deals

World War Z GOTY Edition - 70% off

If you're a fan of the Left 4 Dead series or are maybe looking forward to Back 4 Blood, then World War Z is a title you have to play.


This co-op shooter allows up to 4 players to take on swarms of the undead in short but thrilling level based story-missions with a surprising amount of replayability. World War Z is currently 70% off in the PlayStation Summer Sale.

Bloodborne - 50% off

Often heralded as one of the best PlayStation exclusives of the PS4 era, Bloodborne is brutally difficult but tells one of the best stories out of all of the From Software titles.


Bloodborne has since become part of the Playstation Hits collection meaning the 50% brings it down to under £10. This makes it one of the biggest steals of the entire PlayStation sale.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Editon - 65% off

Shadow of the Tomb Raider recently received a PS5 upgrade meaning there is no better time to jump on this game. It may be the third in a reboot trilogy, but you can easily play this without having played the first two.


With it being the definitive edition, you'll also receive all special and post-release content as part of the package. Coming in at under £15 and with the PS5 upgrade available, this is one of the best deals of the PlayStation sale.

The Outer Worlds - 67% off

Xbox users have been able to play The Outer Worlds as part of Xbox Game Pass since launch but the hugely popular RPG from Obsidian can be picked up in the PlayStation sale at a huge discount.


The replayability is one of The Outer Worlds biggest attractions as you can take multiple paths through the story and get different outcomes based on your decisions.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - 50% off

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War took things in a different direction compared to traditional CoD campaigns and it created a much more engaging experience where it feels like your actions and decisions matter.


Black Ops Cold War also sees the return of the Zombies mode with the incredible Dark Aether storyline being updated with additional free content over time. You can grab Black Ops Cold War for 50% off now in the PlayStation sale.