PS5 Stock Update: Amazon UK drop & Argos Rumours

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Eagle-eyed customers have spotted PS5 digital editions in stock this morning on Amazon UK.

The PlayStation 5 is incredibly sought after right now, as stock issues have prevented customers from getting their hands on one for weeks now.


PS5 UK drop possible

Digital edition consoles have been confirmed in stock on Amazon UK for a brief period of time.

PS5 Digital Edition confirmed in Stock on Amazon UK
PlayStation 5 digital edition confirmed in stock on Amazon

The consoles are currently listed as out of stock at the moment, but they have been listed as available to order.

It is unknown how many PS5 consoles Amazon will have available, but rumours have suggested that Amazon US may be getting more throughout the day and the UK arm may follow suit.

UK retailer Argos are also rumoured to have a stock drop incoming, with the PS5StockAlert UK Twitter account sharing a message that seems to confirm the PS5 will be available on Tuesday


If you're after either of the consoles, keep an eye on both sites today.

For the latest stock updates make sure you follow Gfinity Deals UK on Twitter, where we'll be posting updates as soon as we have them.

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