04 Mar 2021 11:54 AM +00:00

PS4 Communities feature is being fully removed soon

Another major PlayStation change is on the way! PS4 users are going to be losing the Communities Feature in the upcoming software update.

Communities have been available on PS4 consoles for over five years now. They were first added in the 3.00 System Software update.

Now, though, it seems PlayStation is getting rid of them altogether. Here's everything we know.

PS4 Communities Are Going For Good

The 8.50 PlayStation Software Update is slowly being rolled out in Beta form and it seems like the PS4 Communities feature is the next major part of the PS4 system that's getting the axe.

Due to release fully in Spring 2021, it appears that the feature is being removed altogether in the latest update.

PS4 Communities Battlefront Star Wars
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GAME SPECIFIC - Communities were great if you were just starting out

Communities on PS4 were useful as they could be used to find game sessions, discuss the latest titles, and plan any online activities.


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As it stands, they don't appear to be on the PS5's System Software so it seems as though PlayStation are lining up the PS4's System Software with its next-gen counterpart.

They Were Locked the Last Update

Through the PS4's 8.00 System Update, PlayStation removed the ability to create private Communities.

PS4 Communities Feature Fallout Black Ops 3
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TOGETHER - PS4 Communities were great for finding game sessions to join

In addition to the changes made to the Party and Messages features, PlayStation essentially locked the Communities feature for PS4 players.


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You could still access existing Communities, but you couldn't make any more.

Now, though, it seems like that is going for good! Keep an eye on the PlayStation Blog for all the latest on the newest PlayStation Software Update.