How to Watch PlayStation State of Play October 2021

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The PlayStation State of Play live stream is always an interesting time. Providing coverage on new games and updates on older ones, it's a great way of staying up to touch with the future of PlayStation. Here's what we know about how you can watch the PlayStation State of Play for October 2021.

When is the October 2021 State of Play?

The next PlayStation State of Play finally goes live on Wednesday, October 27th. You can watch the show for yourself at 2 pm PT / 5 pm ET / 11 pm CEST.

We were treated to the last third-party focused State of Play on July 8th and it came in at just over half an hour. It had a huge focus on Deathloop that has since released to great reviews. We also saw updates on Lost Judgment, Tribes of Midgard, Moss: Book 2 and more. Here's how you can watch it for yourself.


How to Watch PlayStation State of Play

There are a few ways to watch the State of Play livestream, but here are the two most common. You can watch it over on their Twitch account. With just over 750k followers, this should feel fairly crowded but you will see unique emojis and tonnes of healthy chat.

If you want somewhere a little less chat-focused, their YouTube account is your best bet. They have over 13.6M subscribers here so this should have tonnes of viewers. The July State of Play now has over 1M views hinting at a huge viewer base.

If none of these ways appeal to you, streamers tend to cross stream with this event, showing it on their own channel. As it goes live, type "State of Play" into Twitch or YouTube and you should find other ways of watching the show. We will update you right here with all the latest information as it comes out.