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The Matrix star joins Horizon Forbidden West Cast

We're now just a month out from the release of Horizon Forbidden West, the huge PlayStation exclusive sequel, and Sony are beginning to show us more details. Following the story trailer a few days ago, Guerilla Games has released a video that introduces us to the cast of actors in the game. Interstingly, one of the stars is Carrie-Anne Moss, the Matrix star.

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Carrie-Anne Moss in Horizon Forbidden West

Moss plays Tilda, a new character in the series. We don't know much about her, with Guerilla saving information for the full release.

She had the following to say about her characte, thoughr: "There's a lot of mystery to her, I don't want to say too much, but she's an interesting character. I loved playing her."

Moss also commented on what it was like to be a part of the production process for Horizon Forbidden West.

"I really love playing manipulatve people. I play this very interesting charater named Tilda, who is quite a dynamic characer, she's an artist. There's quite a lot freedom in doing something like this. You get to be in the moment, getting direction from the director, getting to try it over and over again. It felt like creatively it it was really fun."

Horizon Forbidden West Cast

The video, which you can see above, introduces all the main character in Horizon Forbidden West, as well as who plays them. Some, such as Aloy being played by Ashly Burch, will be familiar, but others are new to the series.

The full voice actor list is:

  • Ashly Burch - Aloy
  • Carrie-Anne Moss - Tilda
  • Sylens - Lance Reddick
  • Kotallo - Noshir Dalal
  • Varl - Josh Macmillan
  • Erend - John Hopkins

As more characters are revealed, we'll add them to this list, so keep checking back with us.

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