PS5's unique DualSense features are coming to PC games in the future

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It's not exactly a widespread feature yet, but it looks like DualSense support is going to be appearing on PC games more often going forwards. The PS5's DualSense features are pretty unique and it's something PC players are looking forward to. Especially when you consider the fact that PS5's are hard to come by.

DualSense on PC

Support for Sony's PS5 DualSense controller was added to Steam shortly after the console released, in November 2020, but it's been fairly limited for a while. PC-developed titles don't look like they'll have "proper" DualSense support for a while yet, but Deep Silver has taken the plunge and made a great first step to turn this dream into a reality.


Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition on PC was updated a couple of days ago and it's added full DualSense support. This includes the Haptic Feedback and Adaptive Triggers, the two features that make the PS5's controller so groundbreaking.

Twitter user mrdomino_ shared a clip of it in action, confirming the news:

Although we're not expecting this to stretch to every PC game out there at the moment, it's an important step forwards when you consider the recent slew of PC ports for "PlayStation Exclusive" titles.


Days Gone has recently joined Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn on PC; Fans are hoping some of PlayStation's other exclusives (like Returnal) will be ported to PC sooner rather than later.

PS5 Stock Update

At the moment, it looks like most of the PS5 restocks have passed. We're still expecting online retailer Very to release some new PS5 console stock soon.

This was apparently delayed from last week due to a delay in processing the new stock. As for the other retailers, though... We're expecting something mid-to-late June.


It's worth keeping an eye on StockInformer, in any case. This site has been designed to automatically check the stock levels of several major UK retailers and it refreshes itself regularly to save you the trouble.