Kojima Productions' Death Stranding Director's Cut is just a few weeks away

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Death Stranding might just be Hideo Kojima's Magnum Opus - It's truly a wonderful, but strange, experience. If you missed out on it the first time or fancied playing again, we're staring the Director's Cut in the face now. We've known about the Death Stranding Director's Cut release date for a while now, but there's a new trailer out there showcasing all of the changes we have to look forward to.

Here's the latest on how Sam Porter Bridges' adventure is going to be different this time around...

When does Death Stranding Director's Cut come out?

The PS5 version of Death Stranding is due to release on September 24th, 2021. It's going to be a paid upgrade for owners of Death Stranding on PS4 - similar to how Ghost of Tsushima works - but it'll be well worth the trouble.

As you can see in the Preview Trailer below, we're looking at a lot of changes. There's going to be:

  • New Delivery Support Mechanics
    • Including... Cargo Catapult, the Buddy Bot, and what appears to be Rocket Boots.
  • New Vehicle Content
    • Jump Ramps can be found throughout the world and there are new Race Tracks for Sam to complete time trials on - against other Sams around the world, of course.
  • New Facilities
    • Firing Range and Combat Training Courses will be available to help you brush up on your gunplay before heading out.
  • Action-Packed Deliveries
  • These missions are going to feel a little less Death Stranding - you're going to need to be ready to kill.

Basically, it all feels like it's going to make Death Stranding a new game entirely.

It's hard to predict how this is all going to affect the overall feel of Death Stranding, really. We know it's a little bit out there and gameplay can be quite slow, but isn't that part of its charm?