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Here's what Xbox One players can expect from PES 2022

The release of PES 2022 is getting closer and closer!

So, check out everything that Xbox One players can expect from the next game in the Pro Evo Soccer series.

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Latest - PES 2022 could be going free-to-play

While there is no solid confirmation yet, signs are pointing towards PES 2022 being free to play.

As Konami tries to re-establish itself as a big name in gaming, taking a competitive share of the football game market would be huge.

Whilst on the VGC Off The Record podcast, Andy Robinson notes that he has heard that Konami have a number of projects in the works whilst actively trying to change things up with existing projects like PES 2022.

He then goes on to talk about the free-to-play possibility.


PES 2022 Release Date

The release date for PES 2022 is yet to be announced.

That said, the Konami title is expected to arrive before its biggest rival FIFA 22.

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OUT IN FRONT - Expect PES 2022 to arrive before FIFA 22

We expect PES 2022 to arrive around Tuesday, 7 September - but bear in mind we have seen PES titles arrive as early as August in the past.

As for the demo, for PES 2020 it arrived seriously early on 30 July - so don't be surprised if we see something arrive in the heart of the summer.

PES 2022 Trailer


We've already seen a sneak peek at a PES 2022 trailer, with this one arriving at the same time as the PES 2021 trailer last year.

Expect a fully-fledged announcement trailer to arrive at E3 this summer, which is scheduled for 12-15 June.

Unreal Engine

The big news for PES 2022 is the arrival of Unreal Engine - bringing with it the best-in-class graphics capabiltities.

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UNREAL - We can't wait to see more of what Unreal Engine can bring to Pro Evo

It's still unclear as to whether this will be Unreal Engine 4 or the all-new Unreal Engine 5, but with UE5 not arriving until "late 2021" for its first year, expect PES 2022 to be on UE4.

Unreal Engine will bring enhancements to both Current and Next Gen consoles, so don't worry about upgrading to Series X or S to receive an improvement in graphics.

Option File

Now - this is likely to be the sticking point for Xbox players.

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ALL THE OPTIONS - PlayStation and PC players are able to download kits from the community

Option Files allow you to download all the "official" unlicensed kits from the community, but with Xbox consoles not supporting downloads from a USB device - you won't be able to get them on Xbox One or Series X|S.

If you want an Option FIle, you'll need to be playing on PS4, PS5 or PC.

Xbox Game Pass


This is likely you be the saving grace for Xbox players.

With PES understandably more popular on PlayStation due to Option Files and Konami hailing from Japan like Sony's PlayStation - there is still a great reason for Xbox players to play.

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JOIN THE CLUB - PES 2022 is likely to join Xbox Game Pass a few months after launch

A few months after release, the last two PES titles have arrived on the Xbox Game Pass platform.

This means that you can PES for no extra cost as part of your Game Pass subscription.

PES 2021 arrived on Game Pass on 7 January 2021, just over three months after release.